Recruitment | You have the ability, I have the position!

Recruitment | You have the ability, I have the position!

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Recruitment | You have the ability, I have the position!

Shenzhen Yiri Technology Co., Ltd. is now looking for the following positions!


Sales Manager

Salary: salary negotiation

Working city: Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for customer development (direct customers or channel customers), maintenance and sales in the area;

2. Assist superiors in formulating sales strategies and sales plans;

3. Responsible for annual sales performance;

4. Responsible for public relations, bidding, contract negotiation, delivery tracking, acceptance tracking and payment collection of the project;

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, majors are not limited;

2. Experience is not limited, fresh students are welcome to submit;

3. Have strong learning and communication skills, good at sociability;

4. Have a good sense of teamwork and ability to bear pressure;

5. Can adapt to national business trips.


C# software development engineer

Salary: salary negotiation

Working city: Shenzhen, Chongqing

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the background application development (C/S) of desktop software and Windows service types based on the windows platform;

2. Independently conduct code review and functional unit testing;

3. Cooperate with other systems for interface docking;

4. Write all kinds of documentation required in the software development process.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronics, mathematics, more than two years of development experience, and those with excellent ability can relax;

2. Proficient in C# language and .net framework;

3. Familiar with the visual studio development environment, master common refactoring and debugging methods;

4. Familiar with SQL syntax, SQLSERVER database development, and have a certain understanding of transaction mechanism;

5. Familiar with common data structures and algorithms;

6. Familiar with common design patterns (factories, bridges, adapters, observers, etc.), good object-oriented/interface programming skills, good code comments, and strict and standardized styles;

7. Familiar with C/S architecture, network programming (TCP, UDP);

8. Familiar with multi-threaded and multi-process development, and have a deep understanding of asynchronous and synchronization;

9. Familiar with WPF/Winform development;

10. A certain C++ development ability is preferred;

11. Passionate about technology, good teamwork ability and learning ability.


Hardware Test Engineer

Salary: salary negotiation

Working city: Shenzhen, Chongqing

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the review of all stages of single-board development to find problems early;

2. Carry out power test, reset, and signal integrity test of key device interface of products and single boards;

3. Confirm and locate the test problems, track and analyze the test situation, propose and solve the problems encountered in the test process;

4. Write hardware test plans and use cases, and output single product (or single board) test reports;

5. Promote and perform related equipment maintenance.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics, communication, automation, computer and other majors, graduated for more than 1 year;

2. Familiar with the theoretical knowledge of digital circuit and analog circuit technology, skilled in the use of schematic design, PCB design tools, and familiarity with the hardware principles of communication products;

3. Experience in wireless communication or wired/wireless network product testing is preferred;

4. Familiar with electrical related tests, proficient in the use of test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, power test equipment, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc.;

5. Familiar with domestic or international hardware testing standards and product certification standards and processes.


Vision Algorithm Engineer

Salary: salary negotiation

Work city: Shenzhen

Job Responsibilities:

1. Use machine learning and computer vision technology to realize the research and implementation of related algorithms such as video content understanding and multi-labeling;

2. Design and implement relevant computer vision algorithms, and apply and optimize them in practical systems.

Job requirements:

1. With computer vision and deep learning foundation, familiar with commonly used neural network architecture;

2. Proficiency in at least one programming language, python, C/C++;

3. Proficiency in at least one degree learning framework (Pytorch, Tensorflow, etc.);

4. Project experience in video classification, target detection, text visual correlation is preferred;

5. Proficient in using opencv.


Android development engineer

Salary: salary negotiation

Work city: Shenzhen

Job Responsibilities:

1. Analyze Android products according to the needs of the products, conduct research on the development technology of the Android platform, find its defects and correct and update them;

2. Develop new Android products according to user needs, test their performance, and make improvements.

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with Android operating system knowledge;

2. Familiar with mobile phone map navigation function development and business logic, relevant experience is preferred;

3. Have a certain understanding of streaming media uploading such as video on mobile phones, and experience in audio and video processing and development is preferred;

4. Have Android mobile phone platform development experience, understand and be proficient in using Android development tools and other development tools, and have good programming skills and document writing skills;

5. Understand code management tools SVN, GIT;

6. Unified recruitment of key undergraduate computer, communication, electronic engineering and related majors, solid basic computer knowledge, rich experience in practical code writing, familiar with software development process, design mode, system framework structure (excellent fresh students are also welcome).


Hardware Product Manager

Salary: salary negotiation

Work city: Chongqing

Job Responsibilities:

1. Track the development and changes of the hardware industry in the energy field (coal mine), and discover product opportunities based on the company's strategic planning and analysis of the market, users, and competing products;

2. Responsible for connecting with the company's major customers, understanding customer trends, and planning product solutions and product lines based on the company's R&D resources;

3. In-depth cooperation with the R&D team to complete the definition of product functions and parameters to ensure that the product is delivered on time;

4. Carry out industry and competitive product analysis, data analysis, user behavior analysis, etc., to promote continuous product upgrades and improve user satisfaction.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of experience in Internet of Things, intelligent hardware, product planning and management, work experience in highly integrated hardware and large equipment products is preferred (WIFI/4G/5G/serial communication, VOIP products, switching modules, etc.);

2. Familiar with the Internet of Things and intelligent hardware products, and have their own ideas for the development of the Internet, the Internet of Things and intelligent hardware;

3. Familiar with hardware product development process;

4. Have clear and meticulous logical thinking ability, listening and empathy ability, and strong data analysis ability;

5. Have good teamwork, language skills and business communication skills;

6. Strong document writing ability, proficient in Office, master mind mapping tool XMind, and understand product prototype tool Axure.


Hardware Design Engineer

Salary: salary negotiation

Work city: Chongqing

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for hardware requirement decomposition and scheme design, responsible for the selection of key components, and complete the schematic diagram and PCB design;

2. Responsible for the production, debugging and production import of product prototypes;

3. Responsible for product certification testing and reliability assessment and rectification;

4. Responsible for the maintenance and update iteration of intrinsically safe products;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, professional background in automation, power electronics, communication, etc., with good English reading and writing skills;

2. Familiar with digital circuits and analog circuits, have solid professional theoretical knowledge, understand EMC design, and be able to independently analyze common problems in circuits;

3. Master at least one circuit design software such as AD/pads;

4. Have complete experience in hardware product development, independently designed complete electronic products (schematic diagram and PCB);

5. Positive work attitude, strong sense of responsibility, and good sense of teamwork;

6. Understand the preferential employment of national policies, regulations and standards related to minerals and mines;

7. More than two years of hardware development experience is preferred.


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