Technology Empowerment丨Yiday Technology Coal Mine Electromechanical Equipment Whole Life Cycle Health Management and Control System

Technology Empowerment丨Yiday Technology Coal Mine Electromechanical Equipment Whole Life Cycle Health Management and Control System

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Technology Empowerment丨Yiday Technology Coal Mine Electromechanical Equipment Whole Life Cycle Health Management and Control System

According to statistics, the capital invested in mechanical and electrical equipment of coal mines accounts for about 60% of the fixed assets of coal mines, while the cost of maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment accounts for more than 40%. of more than 30%. At present, my country's coal mining equipment mainly has the following problems:

The analysis of the working conditions of large-scale equipment is insufficient, the understanding of the operating efficiency and health of the equipment is insufficient, and the ability to predict the hidden dangers of the equipment is insufficient.

Offline operations are paper-based, and offline operations such as inspections and maintenance lack online management, no data precipitation, and no closed-loop supervision.

The management of equipment maintenance parts is weak, the equipment maintenance lacks targeted guidance suggestions, and the spare parts management lacks systematic management tools.

Equipment inventory is time-consuming and labor-intensive. As the number of mining equipment gradually increases, inventory work becomes time-consuming and labor-intensive.

There is a lack of data support for purchasing equipment, and there is a lack of operating data statistics, analysis and evaluation for equipment from different manufacturers, and there is no data support for purchasing decisions.


In recent years, China's coal mine safety accidents have occurred frequently, among which safety accidents caused by mechanical and electrical equipment failures account for a large proportion. Recognize the importance of safety management and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, adopt advanced scientific and technological means to prolong the service life of equipment, thereby maintaining the best state of equipment operation and reducing maintenance costs. Based on this background, the equipment life cycle health management and control system independently developed by Yiri Technology realizes equipment selection, procurement planning, production and use, online inventory, monitoring and analysis, fault warning, inspection and maintenance through data collection, analysis and statistics of large equipment. and closed-loop management of the whole life cycle of end-of-life regeneration.




Functional Module

1. Equipment inventory


Through the equipment positioning identification card + positioning base station, the up/down equipment positioning is realized, and the asset inventory is performed online based on the equipment location, which can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the inventory. Combined with personnel trajectory data, extended analysis of equipment inspection routes can be performed.

Regional inventory: count the number of devices in each region online through the region.

Ledger inventory: Through the equipment ledger, the equipment details can be flexibly inventoryed from the dimensions of equipment status and usage organization.

Equipment offline / low power / abnormal base station link alarm: to ensure the real-time online of the equipment, no missed detection, no loss.

Equipment inspection route analysis: Through the equipment location and personnel trajectory data, the underground inspection route can be analyzed to standardize the inspection operation.



2. Online monitoring of perception data
The system stores the equipment-related data of the nine automation systems such as ventilation, drainage, and lifting in a unified format according to the access data standard of the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, and supports data uploading to the Provincial Coal Supervision Bureau.

Device basic information data

Equipment daily maintenance data

Equipment breakdown repair data

Equipment safety data

Ban/Phase Device Data

Equipment testing inspection data

Equipment monitoring data




3. Equipment failure warning


The system collects the vibration and temperature parameters of the rotating equipment, realizes the online operation monitoring, analysis, early warning and alarm of the large equipment, so as to ensure the stable and healthy operation of the equipment.

The equipment monitored by the system is the rotating equipment underground in the mine. The equipment mainly includes: 1) rollers, motors, reducers (CST) of belt conveyors; 2) motors, reducers and pumping stations of three fully mechanized mining machines; 3) various types of compressed air fans and water pump rooms. By establishing a failure analysis model for downhole equipment, it is possible to effectively monitor the running state, fault analysis and identification, fault early warning and fault alarm of the downhole equipment, thereby greatly reducing downtime, improving equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.



4. Equipment life management


Manage the entire life cycle process of equipment from procurement and storage, production use, inspection and maintenance, fault repair, and scrapped regeneration.





3D visualization


It supports digital definition and 3D modeling of the composition, characteristics, and functions of physical entities in main places such as underground tunnels, mining faces, pump rooms, and substations, and completes mapping in virtual space to realize 3D display of production scenes and dynamic data. real-time monitoring.





Mobile APP

Mobile Approval: It is convenient and efficient to handle approval items anytime, anywhere.
Online application: Online application for equipment use, maintenance, and scrapping can be initiated at any time.
"Code" on the device: Through the QR code of the device, you can obtain the basic information, inspection, maintenance and other data of the device.
Alarm push: real-time push of important alarms such as overdue inspection, spare parts, equipment failure warning, etc.
Inspection planning: Based on underground positioning, nearby equipment can be viewed, and inspection routes can be optimized through path planning to reduce missed inspections and improve inspection efficiency.
Mobile inventory: Find nearby devices through mobile phones to realize mobile inventory of devices.

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