Next Day Technology丨What problems can the intelligent auxiliary transportation management platform for mines solve?

Next Day Technology丨What problems can the intelligent auxiliary transportation management platform for mines solve?

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Next Day Technology丨What problems can the intelligent auxiliary transportation management platform for mines solve?

With the development of AI + Internet of Vehicles technology, mines are extremely concerned about the intelligent development of auxiliary transportation scenarios. At present, the mine auxiliary transportation scene still has a low degree of informatization and intelligence, and the main problems are as follows:


Low degree of informatization: At present, most of mine vehicle scheduling and vehicle maintenance are still managed by manual/spreadsheet. This method is accompanied by problems of low efficiency, difficulty in supervision and error-prone, and it is difficult to meet the management needs of mines for auxiliary vehicles.

Difficulty in safety supervision: The environmental conditions of the mine’s underground auxiliary transportation are poor, there are many special engineering vehicles, the information above and below the mine is isolated, and the traffic scene is complex. security risks and barriers to management.

Materials cannot be tracked: There are many material transfer links, many types of materials to be transported, manual inventory/management is difficult, and it is difficult for the material user to obtain the material operation stage in real time, resulting in inefficiency.

Based on this background, the next day technology independently developed a set of mine intelligent auxiliary transportation management platform. The mine intelligent auxiliary transportation management platform is based on the four major business scenarios of coal mine auxiliary transportation vehicle scheduling management, vehicle maintenance management, driving safety management, and material distribution management. It uses positioning + geographic (traffic) information + intelligent equipment to complete vehicle positioning and driving navigation. , underground car call, maintenance management, traffic light management and other functions. Realize the efficient management of coal mine auxiliary transportation, eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the safety and efficiency of coal mine production.




  Platform Features


1. Integrate mainstream protocols

The intelligent vehicle terminal integrates dozens of fuel vehicle protectors, electric vehicle data monitoring and uploading capabilities, and the terminal supports interfaces such as CAN, RS232, and RS485.


2. Multi-terminal application linkage

Provide multi-terminal services such as mobile terminal, vehicle terminal, platform terminal, etc., support network voice calls, video monitoring and other functions, to meet the complex scenarios used by users.


3. GIS + precise positioning service

Establish spatial geographic coordinates, organize the construction of mine information models, provide geographic information and positioning services, change once, and share with multiple systems, reducing tedious map maintenance work.


4. Vehicle life cycle supervision

Integrate the relevant processes and functions of vehicle fault pre-warning, alarm and maintenance.


  Platform function


First. Vehicle scheduling management


1. Gather requirements

Provide web and mobile vehicle demand collection functions, covering multi-scenario demand reporting functions.


2. Unified scheduling

Integrate demand from multiple sources, intelligently match vehicles and drivers, improve vehicle utilization, multi-point distribution, and eliminate information barriers.


3. Tracking

Based on UWB precise positioning technology, it monitors the position of underground vehicles in real time, provides underground positioning and navigation functions, and automatically calculates the arrival time.


4. Mileage calculation

Based on the vector map navigation algorithm and using UWB precise positioning technology for correction, it provides high-precision mileage calculation capabilities.


Second. Vehicle maintenance management




1. Check

Provide vehicle inspection business process, cover mobile terminal, handheld information input method, and automatically form vehicle inspection report.


2. Overhaul

Periodic reminders for vehicle maintenance cycles can be set to provide business processes related to vehicle maintenance.


3. Real-time monitoring

It can monitor the driving status of underground vehicles through the on-board terminal, alarm abnormal vehicles, and transfer the maintenance process.

Third, logistics and distribution management


1. Loading and sealing

Record loading materials and bind material-vehicle-driver.


2. Path monitoring

The distribution process can be traced back, multi-link transshipment, multi-point distribution, can query the historical trajectory, and estimate the arrival time.


3. Arrival confirmation

The demand side confirms at multiple ends and completes the closed loop of logistics and distribution.


  Core product introduction - intelligent vehicle terminal

The functional characteristics of the next day technology intelligent vehicle terminal are as follows:

1. Precise positioning

Real-time vehicle positioning, real-time display of location information; integrated ZigBee/UWB positioning module; launch cycle 1s, location update in time, support map follow-up; bound vehicle card always keeps in the center of the map.




2. Support multi-network communication

Support 3G, 4G full Netcom, WIFI, unlimited underground calls.

One-click call: It is convenient for the driver to quickly contact the dispatcher.

Dial-up call: Support 4G/wifi call, realize arbitrary communication between vehicle and vehicle, and arbitrary communication between vehicle and well.

3. Run Data Acquisition

RS232, RS485, CAN bus and other multiple communication interfaces, data such as water temperature, exhaust temperature, meter temperature, oil temperature, gas, rotational speed, vehicle speed, mileage and other data are collected and displayed locally and uploaded in real time, basically supporting all domestic mainstream protector manufacturers.




4. Multi-channel video surveillance

Support up to 4 external cameras, high-definition shooting. The 4-way cameras are respectively the forward-camera driving record, the rear-camera reversing image, the cab monitoring, and the passenger compartment monitoring.



5. With radar detection function

It has 6 detection radars, which can detect the distance measurement of the front parking auxiliary radar and the objects behind the vehicle when reversing.

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