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Introduction to Yiri


Shenzhen Yiri Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of “Industrial IoT” products and solutions in China. It has independently developed high-precision mine positioning systems (in cm), 5G/4G/WIFI wireless communication systems, mine safety monitoring systems, mine emergency broadcast systems, intelligent management systems for auxiliary transportation in mines, underground ring network systems for mines, unique attendance system for mines, equipment lifecycle management systems, equipment health management and intelligent analysis systems, multi-network multi-system integrated platforms for smart mines, inspection robots, intelligent power supplies for mines, integrated control platforms for safety production of mines, and other series products. It can provide custom solutions for mine, tunnel, military, power, petrochemical and other industries, to help users develop safe and efficient working environments. 

At present, our products and solutions have been widely applied in the nationwide market, involving hundreds of large enterprises such as China Energy Investment Group, Shaanxi Coal & Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., China National Coal Group Corp, Shandong Energy Group, Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd., Jinneng Holding Group, Huineng Group, Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd., Wanbei Coal & Electricity Group, China National Gold Group Co., Ltd., and Aluminum Corporation of China.


As a national high-tech enterprise, Yiri has established a joint laboratory of Internet of Things, through extensive technical cooperation with Peking University, University of Science and Technology of China, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) and other universities and colleges. After years of accumulation of industry experience, it has gained more than 200 patents and copyrights, and participated in a number of national, provincial and municipal key scientific research projects such as the “Major Scientific Research Project of National 13th Five-Year Planning”. In 2019, its “key technology and system for precise positioning of mine personnel and vehicles” won the “National Technology Invention Award”.


Adhering to the development concepts of “quality, innovation and efficiency”, the company will work with partners for joint development.

Development History


Launched integrated positioning base stations, intelligent traffic light management and control systems, 5G communication base stations, robots and other products


· Established a subsidiary in Chongqing (the second R&D base) to start business in 5G, robotics, AI application and other fields
· Set up four business lines: intelligent auxiliary transportation for mines, information Internet, intelligent equipment management, and robot


· Won the second prize of "National Technology Invention Award"
· Received B-round investment
· Officially launched online equipment operation monitoring systems based on ZigBee wireless transmission; underground emergency communication systems; positioning and communication integrated intelligent miner lamps


· Participated in two major national scientific research projects in the mining field of the 13th Five-Year Planning
· Set up offices in East China, Central China, North China, Northeast China, South China, and Southwest China to develop business nationwide
· Successfully applied products in the military field


Officially launched KJ641 mining vehicle management systems, KJ761-K2 vehicle identification cards and other products; won the grand price of “Science and Technology Award” issued by the China Gold Association


Officially launched 4G-based wireless communication systems and UWB-based precise positioning systems, leading the wireless communication and high-precision positioning technology for mines


Released the concept of “one network and one station for digital mine” to lead the industrial development from single system to system integration


· Officially launched the solution of “one network and one station”; KT314 wireless communication systems; and intelligent miner lamps
· Applied precise positioning products in the largest coal mine group of China, Shenhua Group


Officially launched KJ761 precise personnel positioning systems; KJ673 coal mine safety monitoring systems; and KT416 emergency broadcast systems


· Officially launched KT403 wireless communication systems and 3D visual personnel positioning systems
· Honored as a national model project for information-based mine construction


· Received A-round investment
· Officially launched KJ571 precise personnel positioning systems with a precision of 3m


· Received angel round investment
· Gained Level 3 qualifications of “National High-tech Enterprise” for dual-software and information system integration (Shenzhen)


· Established in 2009
· Officially launched KJ272 personnel positioning systems and KT132 wireless communication systems
· Developed the first positioning and communication integrated system


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