The major project of coalbed methane science and technology passed the acceptance

The major project of coalbed methane science and technology passed the acceptance

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The major project of coalbed methane science and technology passed the acceptance

The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Major Project undertaken by Jinmei Group, "Shanxi Jincheng Mining Area Integrated CBM Development Demonstration Project" recently passed the expert acceptance in Beijing with a total score of 93.46 points, which ranks among the coal mines. District Demonstration Project scoring first place.

It is understood that the project lasted for 5 years. Jinmei Group cooperated with China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Shanxi Blue Flame Coalbed Methane Engineering Research Center, Coal Science and Technology Research Institute, and China Coal Science and Technology Xi'an Research Institute. , China Coal Science and Industry Chongqing Research Institute and other institutions, mainly for the research and demonstration of the coordinated development mode of coal and coalbed methane and the development of coalbed methane. The experts who participated in the project acceptance fully affirmed the major scientific and technological achievements undertaken by Jinmei Group, and agreed that Jinmei Group's innovative coal mine up-and-down-hole three-dimensional extraction of coalbed methane and surface direct fracturing "L-shaped well" , "U-shaped well" and other advanced coalbed methane mining technologies, as well as the first large-scale verification of the surface extraction effect of coalbed methane at home and abroad, forming a technical system for the coordinated development of coalbed methane and coal, and realizing the best "path" for coalbed methane mining. .

Coalbed methane, commonly known as gas, as an associated resource of coal, is a "tiger" for safe mining in coal mines. Only comprehensive and integrated development can realize the efficient use of the two resources. Jinmei Group, which has entered the field of coalbed methane mining from coal mining, has continuously explored scientific methods for coalbed methane development based on coal mining. After more than 20 years of efforts, it has become the largest coalbed methane extraction and utilization enterprise group in the country. The coalbed methane extraction volume has ranked first in the country for 9 consecutive years. It has more than 100 core technologies for the development and utilization of coalbed methane with international leading level, and has drafted and formulated two national standards for coalbed methane and two local standards for coalbed methane.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Shanxi Coal Group has accumulated 12.057 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane extraction, including 6.948 billion cubic meters of ground extraction and 5.109 billion cubic meters of underground extraction. The production volume increased by 60%, and the underground drainage volume increased by 69%. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Shanxi Coal Group used a total of 7.805 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane, equivalent to 117 million tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction, equivalent to 10.15 million tons of standard coal, and the total output value of coalbed methane was 12.54 billion yuan. 282 million tons, no gas accident, played a demonstration and leading role in the high gas mines in the country.

According to the successful experience of Shanxi Coal Group's integrated implementation of gas mining and coal mining, the Shanxi Provincial Government entrusted Shanxi Coal Group to take the lead in promoting the "Full Coverage Project of Coal Mine Gas Drainage in Shanxi Province". Through technical services and project contracting, the technological achievements formed by Jinmei Group have been popularized and applied in six provinces including Henan, Hebei and Shandong, and promoted the establishment of the "State Key Laboratory of Co-mining of Coal and CBM".

Article source: China Mining News

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