Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Orderly and Healthy Development of the Internet of Things

Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Orderly and Healthy Development of the Internet of Things

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Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Orderly and Healthy Development of the Internet of Things

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the Central Government:

The Internet of Things is a highly integrated and comprehensive application of a new generation of information technology. It has the characteristics of strong penetration, great driving effect and good comprehensive benefits. Promoting the application and development of the Internet of Things is conducive to promoting the way of production, life and social management to become intelligent, The change in the direction of refinement and networking is of great significance for improving the level of informatization of the national economy and social life, improving the level of social management and public services, driving the development of related disciplines and enhancing technological innovation capabilities, and promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of development methods. The Internet of Things has been regarded as an important component of strategic emerging industries. At present, the Internet of Things is in the initial stage of development on a global scale, and the development and industrial application of the Internet of Things technology has broad prospects and rare opportunities. After years of development, my country has initially established a certain foundation in Internet of Things technology research and development, standard development, industrial cultivation and industrial application. However, there are still key core technologies to be broken through, weak industrial foundation, potential hidden dangers in network information security, and some places Problems such as the phenomenon of blind construction urgently need to be strengthened and solved quickly. In order to promote the orderly and healthy development of the Internet of Things in my country, the following guiding opinions are hereby put forward:

I. Guiding ideology, basic principles and development goals

(1) Guiding ideology. Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of "Three Represents", and the Scientific Outlook on Development, strengthen overall planning, focus on the actual needs of economic and social development, be market-oriented, take enterprises as the main body, take breakthroughs in key technologies as the core, and promote demand Application as the starting point, focusing on cultivating industries, and taking security as the premise, create a development environment, innovate service models, strengthen standards and regulations, rationally plan layout, strengthen resource sharing, deepen military-civilian integration, and build an internationally competitive IoT industry system, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the Internet of Things in an orderly manner, and make positive contributions to the promotion of sustainable economic and social development.

(2) Basic principles.

Overall coordination. Accurately grasp the overall and strategic issues of IoT development, strengthen scientific planning, and coordinate the coordinated development of IoT applications, technologies, industries, and standards. Strengthen collaboration and collaboration among departments, industries and localities. Coordinate economic development and national defense construction.

Innovative development. Strengthen the foundation of innovation, improve the level of innovation, accelerate the research and development and industrialization of key technologies, realize industrial agglomeration development, and cultivate and expand backbone enterprises. Broaden development ideas, innovate business models, and develop emerging service industries. Strengthen the construction of innovation capacity, improve the public service platform, and establish a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body and a combination of production, education, research and use.

demand traction. Proceeding from the major needs of promoting economic and social development and maintaining national security, make overall arrangements and step by step, with major demonstration applications as the forerunner, to bring breakthroughs in key technologies of the Internet of Things and large-scale industrial development. In the competitive field, adhere to the marketization of application promotion. In the field of social management and public services, actively introduce market mechanisms to enhance the endogenous driving force for the development of the Internet of Things.

progress in an orderly manner. According to actual needs, industrial foundation and informatization conditions, highlight regional characteristics, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the Internet of Things in a focused and step-by-step manner. Strengthen resource integration and coordination, improve resource utilization efficiency, and avoid duplication of construction.

Safe and controllable. Strengthen security awareness and focus on information system security management and data protection. Strengthen the security assessment, risk assessment and security protection of major IoT applications and systems to ensure the security and controllability of major IoT infrastructure, important business systems and applications in key areas.

(3) Development goals.

Overall objective. Realize the wide application of the Internet of Things in various economic and social fields, master the key core technologies of the Internet of Things, and basically form a safe, controllable and internationally competitive Internet of Things industrial system, and become an important force for promoting the intelligent and sustainable development of the economy and society.

recent target. By 2015, realize the large-scale demonstration application of the Internet of Things in important economic and social fields, make breakthroughs in a number of core technologies, initially form the Internet of Things industrial system, and significantly improve security capabilities.

--Collaborative Innovation. The research and development level and innovation capability of the Internet of Things technology have been significantly improved, the perception field has broken through the bottleneck of core technologies, the gap with developed countries has been significantly narrowed, the network communication field has kept pace with the international advanced level, and the key technologies in the information processing field have initially reached the international advanced level. Realize the coordinated development of technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation. Innovative resources and elements have been effectively converged and in-depth cooperation.

- Demonstration application. The pilot demonstration application of the Internet of Things has been realized in the fields of industry, agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection, commerce and trade circulation, transportation energy, public safety, social undertakings, urban management, safety production, and national defense construction. The scale of application in some fields has been significantly improved. IoT application service advantage enterprise.

- Industrial system. Develop and expand a group of key enterprises, cultivate a group of "specialized, refined, special and new" innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, form a group of industrial clusters with their own characteristics, create a relatively complete IoT industry chain, and initially form an IoT industry system .

--standard system. Formulate a batch of basic common standards, key technical standards and key application standards that are urgently needed for the development of the Internet of Things, and initially form a standard system that meets the needs of large-scale application and industrialization of the Internet of Things.

- Security guarantee. Improve the security level protection system, establish and improve the Internet of Things security evaluation, risk assessment, security prevention, emergency response and other mechanisms, enhance the security assurance capabilities of the Internet of Things infrastructure, major systems, and important information, and form a system that is safe and available, and data is safe and reliable. IoT application system.

2. Main tasks

(1) Accelerate technology research and development and break through industrial bottlenecks. With the goal of grasping the principle to achieve breakthrough technological innovation, grasp the direction of technological development, focus on the urgent needs of applications and industries, clarify the development priorities, strengthen the research and development and industrialization of low-cost, low-power, high-precision, high-reliability, and intelligent sensors, and focus on Break through the basic common technologies such as core chips, software, and instrumentation of the Internet of Things, accelerate the research and development of key technologies such as sensor networks, intelligent terminals, big data processing, intelligent analysis, and service integration, and promote the Internet of Things and the new generation of mobile communications, cloud computing, and other technologies. The integrated development of a generation of Internet, satellite communication and other technologies. Make full use of and integrate existing innovation resources, form a batch of IoT technology research and development laboratories, engineering centers, and enterprise technology centers, promote cooperation between application units and related technology, product and service providers, strengthen collaborative research, and break through industrial development bottlenecks.

(2) Promote application demonstration and promote economic development. For important fields such as industry, agriculture, commercial and trade circulation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and safe production, as well as important infrastructure such as transportation, energy, and water conservancy, and focus on manufacturing, commercial and trade circulation, logistics and distribution, and business management processes, promote the integrated application of Internet of Things technology. There are a number of typical application demonstration projects with outstanding effects, strong driving force and high relevance. Actively use the Internet of Things technology to transform traditional industries, promote refined management and scientific decision-making, improve production and operation efficiency, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, ensure safe production, innovate development models, and promote industrial upgrading.

(3) Improve social management and enhance public services. In the fields of public safety, social security, medical and health care, urban management, and people's livelihood services, focus on the innovation of management and service models, implement typical application demonstration projects of the Internet of Things, and build a more convenient, efficient, safe and reliable intelligent social management and public service system . Give full play to the advantages of Internet of Things technology, promote the informatization of social management and public services, expand and extend the scope of services, improve management and service levels, and improve people's quality of life.

(4) Prominent regional characteristics, scientific and orderly development. Guide and urge local governments to rationally determine the development orientation of the Internet of Things according to their own conditions, combine scientific research capabilities, application foundations, industrial parks and other characteristics and advantages, make scientific plans, adapt measures to local conditions, and promote the development of the Internet of Things in an orderly manner. To strengthen the research and development, industrialization and demonstration application of Internet of Things technology, areas with weak informatization and information industry foundations should focus on promoting mature Internet of Things applications. Accelerate the construction of Wuxi National Sensor Network Innovation Demonstration Zone. To build a smart city by applying new generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, it is necessary to strengthen overall planning, pay attention to effects, and highlight characteristics.

(5) Strengthen the overall design and improve the standard system. Strengthen overall coordination, relying on cross-departmental and cross-industry standardized cooperation mechanisms to coordinate and promote the construction of the Internet of Things standard system. In accordance with the principles of emergency use first and commonality first, accelerate the research and formulation of basic common standards, key technical standards and key application standards such as coding and identification, interfaces, data, and information security. Promote the standardization of military-civilian integration, and develop general military-civilian standards. Encourage and support domestic institutions to actively participate in international standardization work, and enhance the international voice of independent technical standards.

(6) Strengthen core industries and improve supporting capabilities. Accelerate the development of key core industries of the Internet of Things, improve the development level of the perception and identification manufacturing industry, build a complete Internet of Things communication network manufacturing and service industry chain, and develop related industries such as Internet of Things applications and software. Vigorously cultivate IoT backbone enterprises with international competitiveness, actively develop innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, build characteristic industrial bases and industrial parks, continuously improve the industrial public service system, and form IoT industrial clusters with strong competitiveness. Strengthen the combination of industrial cultivation and application demonstration, encourage and support equipment manufacturing, software development, service integration and other enterprises and scientific research units to participate in the construction of application demonstration projects.

(7) Innovating business models and cultivating emerging formats. Actively explore new business models for win-win cooperation between upstream and downstream of the IoT industry chain. Vigorously support the development of IoT professional services and value-added services that are conducive to expanding market demand, promote the marketization of application services, drive the development of the service outsourcing industry, and cultivate emerging service industries. Encourage and support telecommunications operations, information services, system integration and other enterprises to participate in the operation and promotion of IoT application demonstration projects.

(8) Strengthen protection management and ensure information security. Improve the level of Internet of Things information security management and data protection, strengthen the research and development of information security technology, promote the construction of information security assurance system, establish and improve the supervision, inspection and security assessment mechanism, and effectively guarantee the Internet of Things information collection, transmission, processing, application and other links safe and controllable. For important IoT applications involving national public security and infrastructure, its system solutions, core equipment and operational services must be based on security and control.

(9) Strengthen resource integration and promote collaborative sharing. Leverage existing public communication and network infrastructure for IoT applications. Promote the interconnection, resource sharing and business collaboration between information systems to avoid the formation of new information islands. Pay attention to the intelligent analysis and comprehensive utilization of information resources, and avoid focusing on data collection and light data processing and comprehensive application. Strengthen the investment benefit analysis and risk assessment of IoT construction projects to avoid duplication of construction and unreasonable investment.

3. Safeguard measures

(1) Strengthen overall planning and coordination to form a joint development force. Establish and improve the overall coordination mechanism for the development of the Internet of Things among departments, industries, regions, and military and civilians, give full play to the role of the inter-ministerial joint conference system for the development of the Internet of Things, study major issues, coordinate the formulation of policy measures and action plans, and strengthen application promotion and technology. The overall planning of research and development, standard formulation, industrial chain construction, infrastructure construction, information security assurance, wireless spectrum resource allocation and utilization, etc., forms a work pattern of resource sharing and coordinated promotion, and a coordinated development effect in which each link supports and promotes each other. Strengthen the coordination and coordination of IoT-related plans, major science and technology projects, and industrialization projects, rationally deploy major IoT application demonstrations and industrialization projects, and strengthen industrial chain support and regional division of labor.

(2) Create a favorable development environment. Establish and improve a policy system that is conducive to the promotion of Internet of Things applications, innovation incentives, and orderly competition, and promptly promote the formulation and improvement of laws and regulations on information security and privacy protection. Establish a market access mechanism that encourages fair access to diverse capitals. Accelerate the construction of public service platforms such as IoT-related standards, testing, and certification, and improve the support service system. Strengthen intellectual property protection, actively carry out intellectual property analysis and review of IoT-related technologies, and accelerate the deployment of IoT-related patents.

(3) Strengthen fiscal and taxation policy support. Increase central financial support, give full play to the role of national science and technology plans and major science and technology projects, make overall use of support policies such as special funds for the development of strategic emerging industries and special funds for the development of the Internet of Things, and focus on promoting the research and development of key core technologies of the Internet of Things and industrial It will vigorously support the construction of standard systems, innovation capability platforms, and major application demonstration projects. Support IoT enterprises that meet the current preferential tax policies for software and integrated circuits to enjoy relevant preferential tax policies in accordance with regulations, and IoT enterprises that have been identified as high-tech enterprises to enjoy relevant income tax preferential policies in accordance with regulations.

(4) Improve investment and financing policies. Encourage financial capital, venture capital and private capital to invest in IoT applications and industrial development. Accelerate the establishment of a multi-level guarantee system including financial investment and social capital investment, and increase financing guarantee support for IoT enterprises. Priority will be given to credit support for major IoT projects with advanced technology, obvious advantages, and strong driving and supporting functions. Actively support qualified IoT companies to directly finance in capital markets at home and abroad. Encourage the establishment of Internet of Things equity investment funds, and set up a number of Internet of Things venture capital funds through the national emerging industry venture capital plan.

(5) Improve the level of international cooperation. Actively promote IoT technology exchanges and cooperation, and make full use of international innovation resources. Encourage foreign companies to set up IoT R&D institutions in my country, and guide foreign investment in the IoT industry. Based on improving the application level of the Internet of Things in my country and the core competitiveness of the industry, guide domestic enterprises and international enterprises to strengthen the research and development cooperation of key technologies and products of the Internet of Things. Support domestic enterprises to participate in the global Internet of Things market competition, promote my country's independent technologies and standards to go global, and encourage enterprises and scientific research units to participate in the formulation of international standards.

(6) Strengthen the construction of talent team. Establish a multi-level and multi-type IoT talent training and service system. Support relevant universities and research institutes to strengthen multi-disciplinary cross-integration and accelerate the cultivation of IoT-related professionals. Relying on major national special projects, scientific and technological plans, demonstration projects and key enterprises, cultivate high-level talents and leading talents in the Internet of Things. Accelerate the introduction of high-level IoT talents, improve supporting services, and encourage overseas professionals to return to China or start businesses in China.

All regions and departments should further deepen their understanding of the significance of the development of the Internet of Things in accordance with the requirements of this Opinion, and do a solid job in relevant work in light of the actual situation. According to the division of responsibilities, all departments should formulate specific implementation plans, action plans and supporting policies and measures as soon as possible, strengthen communication and coordination, and implement tasks and measures to ensure effective results.


State Department

February 5, 2013

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