ZigBee Input Device Standard Makes Interfaces Smarter

ZigBee Input Device Standard Makes Interfaces Smarter

  • Time of issue:2011-01-11
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ZigBee Input Device Standard Makes Interfaces Smarter

According to foreign media reports, ZigBee, a global enterprise alliance that creates wireless solutions for consumer applications, today announced the completion of the ZigBee Input Device, a new class of human interface devices for consumer electronics (CE) and computer accessories. global standard.

The ZigBee Input Device is an improved option that allows consumers to use a mouse, touchpad, keyboard, stylus or remote pointer at greater distances or even in adjacent rooms. This standard, robust radio frequency (RF) solution replaces 30-year-old infrared (IR) technology. ZigBee Input Device enables innovative two-way communication between devices, making them more responsive and capable of providing more functionality than current devices. In addition, compared to infrared technology, devices using ZigBee Input Device will use significantly fewer batteries during their life cycle, making them more environmentally friendly.

The standard also provides innovative capabilities for these devices, including: the ability to define special features and enhancements that go beyond the standard behavior of a mouse, keyboard, or similar input device; support for running existing ZigBee remote-equipped HDTVs, set-top boxes, and existing Computers and other devices; native support for popular multi-touch and gesture commands for touchpad devices, including pinch or rotate; simple key pairing makes the device easy to use; smart over-the-air updates and programmable options, new features can be added at any time to the device.

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