This year, Shaanxi Province will rectify and close 314 metal and non-metal mines

This year, Shaanxi Province will rectify and close 314 metal and non-metal mines

  • Time of issue:2013-03-14
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This year, Shaanxi Province will rectify and close 314 metal and non-metal mines

The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Work Safety Administration that this year Shaanxi Province will vigorously promote the construction of "three modernizations" in non-coal mines and related industries, and rectify and close 314 metal and non-metal mines (tailings ponds).
The specific goals of the province's non-coal mines and related industries safety production work this year are: vigorously promote the grid of government supervision, refined enterprise management, and professional construction of industry direct management in the field of non-coal mines; the province's non-coal mine production safety accidents The number of deaths and the number of deaths have continued to decline, and the occurrence of major and major accidents has been resolutely curbed; 314 metal and non-metal mines (tailings ponds) have been rectified and closed.
Our province will carry out in-depth rectification and closure of metal and non-metal mines. Strictly implement the minimum mining scale, minimum service life standards and total control plan for the main types of metal and non-metallic mines, and carry out safety licenses in strict accordance with the standards and plans. Strictly crack down on illegal and illegal production activities, and resolutely ban and close down mines with incomplete licenses, those that cannot reach the lowest standard of standardization after rectification, underground mines that cannot be built into the "six major systems", and concentrators and tailings ponds that have illegal activities. Ensure that 314 metal and non-metal mines (tailings ponds) are rectified and closed in place.
Deepen refined management and application of advanced and applicable technologies. Eliminate outdated production capacity and process equipment, and actively promote the "six major systems" for safety and risk avoidance in underground mines, online monitoring of tailings ponds above third-level, and monitoring of slope deformation in open-pit mines.
Continuously strengthen the special rectification of non-coal mine safety production. Urge unowned tailings ponds to carry out rectification and management of hidden dangers, and comprehensively investigate and rectify "trilateral ponds" and "overhead ponds". Carry out the investigation and rectification of long-distance pipeline safety hazards and the safety hazards investigation of gas production and use in metallurgical enterprises and high-temperature molten metal liquids.
Effectively do a good job in the safety supervision of the oil and gas industry. Carry out a thorough inspection of long-distance pipelines in the province, especially for old, severely corroded pipelines and pipelines that are close to production and living facilities. For major hidden dangers such as densely populated areas, in accordance with the principle of "construction after construction obeys construction first, and whoever causes it is responsible", it will be rectified within a time limit to eliminate hidden dangers. Urge Xi'an City, Xianyang City and the Provincial Gas Group to control three major hidden dangers, including Jinghe Industrial Park's occupation of the Jingxi Gas Pipeline.

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