Brief Introduction of Tunnel Safety Comprehensive Monitoring System

Brief Introduction of Tunnel Safety Comprehensive Monitoring System

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Brief Introduction of Tunnel Safety Comprehensive Monitoring System

The next day tunnel safety comprehensive monitoring system adopts advanced Zigbee wireless technology, and is designed in combination with the technical requirements and safety standards of road tunnels, railway tunnels, and urban subway safety production enterprises, which can meet the needs of tunnel safety construction, personnel management and other aspects.

The system integrates the four functions of personnel positioning and attendance, wireless communication, LED synchronous display and video monitoring, and can expand the wireless gas monitoring function at the same time. Through the tunnel entrance and the card reader in the tunnel, the attendance of the tunnel personnel entering and leaving the tunnel is realized; the wireless local area network composed of the wireless communication base station at the tunnel entrance and the tunnel covers the tunnel office area and the inside of the tunnel, so that the mine intrinsically safe ZigBee mobile phone can access wireless Local area network, so as to realize personnel positioning and voice dispatching from outside the tunnel to the inside of the tunnel, as well as the communication between the tunnel and the tunnel, and the tunnel and outside the tunnel; at the same time, combined with the LED synchronous display system, the attendance information can be displayed on the large LED screen in real time. , the supervisors can know the personnel information in the tunnel without going to the monitoring room to check the attendance records, which makes the management advanced; the video surveillance system can monitor key areas such as the palm face in real time, so that the supervisors can grasp the situation of the working area in real time.

When an accident occurs, the system's personnel positioning and attendance attendance can be used to quickly grasp the personnel information and regional location in the tunnel. Combined with wireless communication, the situation of personnel in the tunnel can be understood in real time, which provides reliable information for accident rescue, thereby improving rescue efficiency. Ensure the safety of personnel to the greatest extent possible. The data provided by the video surveillance system provides the original basis for the analysis of the cause of the accident.

The system adopts a unified standard industrial Ethernet network structure, which can be seamlessly combined with the existing office system of the tunnel.

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