Warehouse Management System Based on ZigBee Wireless Technology

Warehouse Management System Based on ZigBee Wireless Technology

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Warehouse Management System Based on ZigBee Wireless Technology

The next day technology warehouse management system is designed with advanced wireless ZigBee technology, which is mainly suitable for warehouse management of medium and large construction machinery and equipment. The system has the functions of automatic collection of item information and wireless data transmission, which simplifies the operation, improves the management efficiency, and finds items conveniently, quickly and accurately.

The system uses the warehouse map as the main interface, and its functions mainly include item storage, item query and positioning, item maintenance records, item inventory, item delivery, area management, item type management, customer management, base station layout, shelf layout, and equipment low power management. , equipment failure management, etc.

The main features of the system are:

1. Wireless information collection to realize automatic management

The system adopts ZigBee wireless technology, and all base station and positioning card information uploads are automatically uploaded wirelessly. Information statistics can be completed without manual collection, which truly realizes automatic and intelligent management.

2. Sound and light positioning

When positioning, the location of the area where the item is located will be displayed on the map, and the positioning card bound to the item will generate a sound and light alarm, and personnel can accurately find the item according to the sound and light prompts.

3. A variety of states are optional, and the state of the item is recorded throughout the process

The positioning card can define a variety of different states according to the number of beeps of the buzzer and the number of flashes of the indicator light. Each state can represent different meanings of the item, such as lack of accessories, pending maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance. Realize full tracking of item status.

The system is currently used in the warehouse of Schlumberger, a Fortune 500 company. The system has greatly improved the management efficiency of the warehouse with its automatic information collection, accurate item positioning, and quick and convenient search for items, and has truly solved the trouble of item management in the warehouse. , Find difficult puzzles.

For a detailed introduction, please click " Warehouse Management System Based on ZigBee Wireless Technology " in "ZigBee Application Solutions" .

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