Next Day Technology's latest ZigBee wireless module

Next Day Technology's latest ZigBee wireless module

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Next Day Technology's latest ZigBee wireless module

Rapid development of Zigbee products without RF radio design

The main obstacle to the development of Zigbee products lies in the design and application of the radio frequency part, because there is a shortage of radio frequency talents at home and abroad, so can we bypass this obstacle and find a shortcut to develop Zigbee technology? Several ZigBee wireless modules from Shenzhen Yiri Technology are designed to solve this problem. The YR-ZB series module integrates the CC2430 RF chip, which can eliminate the complicated and costly development and testing process in the RF design stage.
Module introduction:
YR-ZB series modules are open Zigbee data transmission modules designed by Shenzhen Yiri Technology Co., Ltd. based on ZigBee standard and CC2430 chip. The module uses the 2.4GHz frequency band and adopts the surface-mount soldering process. Using YR-ZB series modules, as long as you have some knowledge of single-chip microcomputer, you can embed Zigbee technology into its application system with the fastest speed and the lowest cost.


The biggest feature of Yiday Technology's ZigBee wireless module is the long transmission distance. The module with PA can reach more than 1000m in open space, and the company's modules are used in Yiday Technology's KJ272 personnel positioning system and KT132 wireless communication system. Customer inspection and market test, performance and stability are highly guaranteed. 

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