The wireless transmission scheme of the next day technology coal mining face

The wireless transmission scheme of the next day technology coal mining face

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The wireless transmission scheme of the next day technology coal mining face

1. Company introduction

2. System Diagram

3. KJ272-F transmission sub-station


1. Company introduction

Shenzhen Yiri Technology Co., Ltd. is a booming high-tech enterprise located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Based on wireless network, parallel distributed computing and sensing technology, the company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of intelligent wireless sensor network platforms. The founders of the company all have experience in high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, and currently have a strong software and hardware R&D team and engineering technology team.


The goal of Yiday Technology is to build a world-renowned wireless sensor network product and platform, and become the best wireless sensor network platform provider and application service provider in China.

Next day technology is based on the needs of industrial and mining enterprises, with first-class high-tech, new and cutting-edge technologies as the core, and mine safety production as its own responsibility, provides safety protection for industrial and mining enterprises' personal and property, and provides leaders at all levels with faster and more effective. management means, and contribute to the sustainable development of the national mine safety cause.


2. System Diagram

The KJ272-F transmission sub-station is connected with the shearer, roadheader, and hydraulic system by RS485 or serial port. The transmission sub-station and the transmission sub-station adopt pure wireless communication. Finally, the transmission sub-station communicates with other transmission stations through RS485. The equipment is connected and transmitted to the ground dispatch center through the original shearer monitoring equipment or the underground gigabit industrial ring network, so that the operating parameters of the working face shearer, roadheader and other equipment are transmitted to the dispatch center through wireless relay + wired mode.


The system structure diagram is as follows:


3. KJ272-F transmission sub-station


The transmission substation is powered by DC power and can be integrated into the underground wireless data transmission, switching and routing equipment. The device has a communication function and includes three 485 communication signal interfaces and an antenna interface.


The following are the relevant technical parameters:


◆Power supply parameters:

1) Working voltage: DC 12V;

2) Working current: ≤0.5A;

3) Power supply: KDW-12/127 mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe power supply



◆Communication between KJ272-F transmission sub-station and KJ272-F transmission sub-station

1) Communication protocol: wireless personal area network ZigBee IEEE802.15.4;

2) Transmitting field strength: -40dBm/m~+20dBm/m;

3) Operating frequency: 2422.5MHz~2427.5MHz;

4) Receive sensitivity: -85dBm;

5) The wireless communication distance is 500m (typical value);

6) Modulation method: O-QPSK;

7) Transmission rate: 250kbps;


◆Communication between KJ272-F transmission sub-station and hydraulic support, shearer and other transmission equipment with 485 interface

1) Transmission type: RS485;

2) Transmission mode: full duplex, half duplex;

3) Transmission medium: MHYVR2x2x7/0.28+1*7/0.28 five-core flame-retardant communication cable for mine (half-duplex adopts ordinary two-core flame-retardant communication cable for mine);

4) Wired transmission rate: 4.8kbps ~ 57.6kbps;

5) Maximum transmission distance: 10km;


◆Storage time

Substation storage data time should not be less than 8h. (When the 485 cable between the substation and other transmission equipment with 485 interface is interrupted, the transmission substation can temporarily save the received monitoring data)



a) The KJ272-F transmission sub-station has the functions of wireless and KJ272-F transmission sub-station communication transmission and routing.

b) The KJ272-F transmission sub-station has the communication function with the shearer, hydraulic support and other transmission equipment with 485 interface.

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