Dingdong|The exclusive 2021 memory of the next day technology has been delivered

Dingdong|The exclusive 2021 memory of the next day technology has been delivered

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Dingdong|The exclusive 2021 memory of the next day technology has been delivered

Under the rapid development of "global intelligence", it has become an inevitable trend for the mining industry to realize intelligent upgrading. In 2021, the intelligent construction of the mining industry has achieved fruitful results, especially the coal mining industry has set off a wave of technology boom , such as "5G communication", "unmanned mining truck", "anti-collision", "AI intelligent recognition", "inspection robot"...


From today onwards, we will look back on 2021 from a corporate perspective, and open the exclusive annual memory of the next day's technology.




Looking back on 2021, the "anti-epidemic" is still fighting a protracted battle, and the electronics industry, especially the chip industry, is very difficult, posing huge challenges to the development of enterprises. The next day technology has overcome many difficulties, and its business layout has blossomed in many places. It has achieved breakthroughs in many major customers/projects, and achieved steady growth in performance.


China Coal Group


The equipment health management and intelligent analysis system has been deployed in the Northwest Company of China Coal Group. Based on wireless vibration temperature and temperature sensors to monitor the operation status of the equipment, the equipment maintenance mode has been upgraded from manual inspection to real-time online monitoring, so as to realize the unmanned underground mine. Intelligent and intelligent inspection. By establishing an equipment failure analysis model, equipment failure identification and prediction can be realized, thereby greatly reducing downtime, increasing equipment life, and reducing maintenance costs.


Shaanxi Coal Group


In the No. 1 and No. 2 coal mines of Shaanxi Coal Group Huangling Mining Co., Ltd., a precise personnel positioning and auxiliary transportation intelligent dispatching system has been deployed. The system is based on the comprehensive utilization of information technology such as 4G+WiFi+UWB wireless communication network. , to realize the comprehensive scheduling management of personnel and vehicles. Through the precise positioning subsystem + wellhead attendance subsystem, the closed-loop management of personnel and positioning terminal equipment status is realized, the online time of light room equipment, the time of personnel entering and leaving the well, and the time of underground operation are dynamically detected to determine the personnel status, and real-time trajectory playback can be performed; The management subsystem understands and accurately monitors the position, speed, water temperature, oil temperature and other data of the underground vehicle in real time, and demonstrates the dynamic running trajectory of the vehicle through 3D images to ensure that the safety information of the underground vehicle is in a visible, controllable and traceable state, which is conducive to the realization of 4G wireless The dispatching room has real-time voice calls with the driver to improve the accuracy of vehicle dispatching; through the full coverage of the wireless communication subsystem signal, the automatic switching and interconnection between 4G, 5G, WiFi wireless terminals and wired production administrative telephones in the entire mine area has been realized, which has significantly improved the Production scheduling efficiency.


Shendong Group


A smart mine precise positioning and auxiliary transportation management system based on UWB technology has been deployed in the Ulan Mulun Coal Mine under Shendong Group. At the same time, the system also realizes precise positioning of personnel/vehicles, attendance of personnel/vehicles entering and exiting wells, real-time and historical track viewing, distress alarm, emergency evacuation, overtime alarm, personnel limit alarm, shift plan management, vehicle speeding alarm, and collision prevention between people and vehicles. Early warning, various statistical reports and other functions; combined with traffic light equipment and wireless communication equipment, it can also expand the intelligent control of underground traffic lights and the intelligent scheduling of underground vehicles.


Jinergy Holding Group


The next day technology and Jinergy Holding Coal Industry Group Information Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly developed a Kanban management platform. Through this platform, the subsystems (sales system) of the companies and coal mines of Jinergy Holding Coal Industry Group Jinyang Coal Division were realized. , personnel positioning, vehicle management, equipment testing, safety inspection, etc.) data unification, platform management, integrated management and control, professional services and big data analysis.




In 2021, the next day technology will further optimize and upgrade to enrich the product business line. At present, our product line has covered underground ring network system, high-precision positioning system, intelligent access control system for people and vehicles at the wellhead, equipment life cycle management system, 4G/5G/WIFI wireless communication system, safety monitoring system, equipment health management and intelligence Analysis system, emergency broadcast system, intelligent traffic light management and control, intelligent mine multi-network and multi-system integration platform, intelligent power supply, inspection robot, coal mine safety production integrated management and control platform and other products.




Mine 3D precise positioning system




As a leader in IoT products and services for smart mines, Nextday Technology has been invited to participate in coal mining industry-related exhibitions for many times.


  • The 20th 2021 Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Industrial Technology and Equipment Exhibition

  • The 17th China Guizhou International Coal Mine Safety Production and Intelligent Technology and Equipment Expo

  • Jincheng Coal Mine Intelligent Construction Forum and Promotion Conference

  • China Linfen Coal and Energy Industry Expo

  • The 19th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition

  • National "Thirteenth Five-Year" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition




In order to improve the work tacit understanding and cohesion of colleagues, and to quickly integrate new colleagues into the team, our company has carried out a series of activities such as monthly birthday parties, marathon games, football games, badminton games, annual meetings, and holiday carnivals. Employees' spare time life, thereby creating a happy and humane working atmosphere, and truly realizing the proposition of "the next family".


In 2022, the next day technology will be reconfigured and ready to go, continue to take customer needs as the basis of survival, continue to increase investment in the research and development of intelligent mine products, empower the realization of intelligent mines, industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote safe production in mines more efficient , More environmentally friendly high-quality development!

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