The next day's good news that the technology won the bid

The next day's good news that the technology won the bid

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The next day's good news that the technology won the bid

In March 2015, when the spring flowers are blooming, our company, with its rich practical experience, strong technical force and high reputation, received another request from China Shenhua International Engineering Co., Ltd. for "Shenhua Yushen Energy Company Guojiawan, Qinglong Si Coal Mine Centralized Power Supply Management System and Wireless Communication, Personnel Positioning, Mine Broadcasting System Construction Project" Public Tender Notice. The winning of the bid is another major breakthrough in the company's call for industry expansion. Winning the bid for the project is of great significance to the company's future business promotion and market expansion, which not only demonstrates the company's strength, but also demonstrates our company's core competitiveness. This project has been evaluated and determined in accordance with the prescribed procedures. The winning bidders of this tender are now announced as follows:


First project name: Shenhua Yushen Energy Company Guojiawan, Qinglongsi Coal Mine centralized power supply management system and wireless communication,

Personnel positioning, mine broadcasting system construction project



Second tender number: CSIE15030230


Third successful bidder: Shenzhen Yiri Technology Co., Ltd.


Fourth announcement publication media:


China Economic Herald website (

China Procurement and Bidding Network (

Shenhua bidding website (


Thanks to the new and old customers for their trust and support to Yiri Technology Company, and also thank the employees of Yiri Technology Company for their hard work. I believe that 2015 will make even greater breakthroughs.

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