Next Day Technology - Live Report of the 15th Shenzhen Security Expo

Next Day Technology - Live Report of the 15th Shenzhen Security Expo

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Next Day Technology - Live Report of the 15th Shenzhen Security Expo

On October 29 , 2015 , the 15th China International Social and Public Security Expo (Shenzhen Security Expo for short) was grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At this Expo, the next day technology focused on the wisdom of Zigbee technology based on the Internet of Things. System solutions, such as smart mines, smart tunnels, and smart elderly care, have won wide attention from customers.

















Smart mine is to actively perceive, automatically analyze, and quickly process mine production and miners' safety, so as to realize the digitization and informatization of mines, and ensure the intrinsic safety, high production and efficiency, and green environmental protection of mines. Based on this concept, Yiri Technology provides solutions for mine personnel positioning, environmental monitoring and monitoring, and wireless communication.

The tunnel safety comprehensive monitoring system is designed according to the technical requirements and safety standards of highway tunnels, railway tunnels and subway tunnels. It is a safe, reliable and intelligent tunnel construction management system. The system consists of KJ571 personnel positioning and attendance system, KT159 wireless communication system, LED synchronous control system, and video monitoring system, which can expand the wireless gas monitoring function.


Next Day Technology's smart elderly care system focuses on the personal safety of the elderly. Through the construction of positioning, emergency call, sensing, video, one-card and other systems, a comprehensive management platform for intelligent elderly care security protection is created to provide protection for the personal safety of the elderly.


"Wisdom leads the future, the next day changes tomorrow" Next Day Technology will continue to provide exquisite products and high-quality services.

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