The 4th Old Expo ended successfully, and the products were popular the next day!

The 4th Old Expo ended successfully, and the products were popular the next day!

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The 4th Old Expo ended successfully, and the products were popular the next day!

From May 6th to 8th, 2015, the 4th China International Senior Services Expo was held in Beijing National Convention Center. This expo is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Office of the National Working Committee on Aging, co-organized by the China Social Welfare Association, the China Association of Aging Industry, the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, and the Office of the Beijing Working Committee on Aging, China Aging Development Foundation and China Social Welfare Fund It is co-organized by several units such as the conference. Its authority, scale, high-tech and richness of displayed products are very high. Many well-known elderly care industries at home and abroad also come to participate in the exhibition.

With the rapid expansion of the population aging problem, the pension problem of the elderly has received widespread attention and concern from the government and society. In order to enable more elderly people to enjoy their old age in a better way, more and more pension institutions have been built. In order to ensure the safety of the elderly in nursing homes and communities, so that the elderly can enjoy more comprehensive and considerate services, it is necessary to use scientific and technological means to provide real-time care to the elderly, so as to prevent problems before they occur. In the event of an emergency, the elderly can be detected and rescued in time.

On the same day, Shenzhen Yiri Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated an intelligent real-time positioning system based on Internet of Things technology at this old expo. The system adopts Zigbee wireless sensor network transmission technology, sensor detection technology, fact positioning technology, three-dimensional simulation technology and so on. Provide users with the most comprehensive intelligent pension information management solutions.


At present, in order to solve the rescue problem of the elderly in nursing homes and elderly communities, the traditional wired fixed call system is generally used. Because the technologies used in these devices are relatively old and backward, they are not intelligent enough, and there are problems in the actual use time process. many questions. The pager is fixed on the wall, which is inconvenient to use. When the elderly encounter an emergency (such as a fall or a heart attack), it is often difficult to move.

As the leader of China's IoT intelligent elderly care positioning technology, NextDay Technology has launched a real-time positioning and mobile calling system to provide comprehensive security for the elderly, which can realize regional monitoring, track playback, mobile positioning, alarm when leaving the bed, and prevent the elderly from getting lost. , fall detection and other functions. Create a more scientific, safer and more efficient elderly care service plan for elderly care institutions. During the exhibition, the next day's technology products won many praises from the industry, and enterprises came to consult in an endless stream.

As a leading overall provider of old-age information construction solutions in China, Yiday Technology aims to improve the safety index of the elderly and improve the quality of life of the elderly with the power of technology. The company is committed to the development of China's elderly care industry, taking promoting the development of China's elderly care service as its own responsibility, and focusing on building a comprehensive elderly care service system that meets the needs of China's national conditions.

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