"Internet +" Spring in Mining Winter

"Internet +" Spring in Mining Winter

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"Internet +" Spring in Mining Winter

"Mining is cold, and the Internet is hot." At this year's China International Mining Conference, "Internet +" is undoubtedly popular. On the afternoon of October 20, the "Internet +" strategy sub-forum co-hosted by Qinglan Mining Circle was full of seats and became very popular.

"Internet + mining" will firstly drive the growth of resources, secondly bring about changes in the development of the industry, once again promote the transformation of mining enterprises, and finally drive the rise of new markets. In the eyes of Jiang Jianjun, director of the Science and Technology and Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the prospect of "Internet + mining" is promising, and it can even achieve "curve overtaking" in mining development.

The forum was chaired by Dr. Zhang Yan, the founder of the mining industry. The guests analyzed some difficulties faced by the resource industry, discussed the innovative model of "Internet + mining", and discussed the changes brought by "Internet +" to the industry. , financial, service and other aspects were analyzed.

The participants bluntly stated the current problems faced by the mining industry: first, the industry is inefficient, the information of supply and demand is asymmetric, and the industry and local departments are fragmented; The mining industry is seriously "ischemia"; third, the management of the enterprise is extensive, the internal management level of the enterprise is not high, and the external industry of the enterprise can be optimized.

These problems are challenges, but also opportunities.

Feng Rui, chairman of Silverway Metal Mining Co., Ltd., felt the convenience brought by "Internet +" in internal management. He said that now the company has developed Internet-based software that allows engineers to record various conditions underground in detail after they go down, attach photos, and upload the data to the platform. Managers at all levels can check the safety inspection status from time to time. On the one hand, it solves the problem of performance appraisal, and on the other hand, it forms a management platform for the problem, which improves efficiency and saves costs.

Yi Tingbin, president of Beijing Haitian Institution, who has many years of experience in mining rights assessment, is very interested in "Internet + Mining + Finance". He said that the mineral resources are underground and the situation is ever-changing, and financial institutions are more cautious about loans for mining rights, especially exploration rights. However, the "Internet + Mining + Finance" model can solve this problem to a certain extent.

According to Zhang Yan, the mining circle develops the mining loan (P2P), mining easy (crowdfunding), and mining chain (supply chain finance) of Internet finance through the "Internet + mining + finance" model, and provides innovative mining Internet financial services.

During the forum, the mining circle held a press conference on "One Mine, One Code" in the global mining industry. Enterprises and institutions only need to spend 3 minutes to fill in the relevant information, and then they can generate a unique QR code and related company introductions on the mining circle platform for free. Website, locate its own industry map according to the minerals and industries, publish product supply and purchase information, search for upstream and downstream, and open up the three-level industrial chain of information flow, logistics and capital flow, so as to build a global mining industry "Internet +". data.

Yao Chuanlie, general manager of Shenzhen Qianhai Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., praised the move, "Resources are a big industry, there are hundreds of minerals, and each mineral has more than 10 industries, which will form hundreds of thousands of industries. Matrix. Through one mine and one yard, we can register and release our own product requirements in 3 minutes, and at the same time, we can also find our own upstream and downstream, and find our own position.”

At the forum, the China Mining Industry "Internet +" strategic alliance formed by the mining circle held a signing ceremony. The alliance takes advantage of the speed, equality and synergy of Internet information technology, and uses the technology, capital and service advantages of alliance enterprises and institutions to break the barriers of traditional industry structures and the interface of cooperation, provide efficient products and services in the Internet era, and establish various industries. The organic connection between them will build a good Chinese resource ecosystem.

The guests at the meeting greatly appreciated this method of "holding together for warmth". Xia Yucai, general manager of Hebei Hanxing Mining and Metallurgy Design Institute Co., Ltd., said that the company is establishing a service alliance with two companies responsible for exploration and mine production management. "At present, the mining industry has reached the cold winter period. Money is hard to come by, and work is hard to find. But winter is here, and spring is not far away. We are still full of confidence in the future."

"The cold winter of mining has a great impact on all mining service industries. We need to explore the service method of strong alliances, go out of our homes, and support each other. 'Internet +' can allow us to save costs and improve efficiency." Director of Huamei Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Jinghe said.

As an innovation of China's mining industry, the "Internet +" model has been warmly welcomed by the industry. According to Zhang Yan, through the WeChat platform built by the mining circle, 3,000 industry professionals participated in this forum through the WeChat live broadcast of the mining circle. A total of 180 representatives released "one mine, one code" on the spot, and 100 units applied to join the alliance. At present, the mining circle has 5,000 enterprise users and 45,000 individual users.

Article source: China Land and Resources News

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