Recruitment ▏What kind of people can join the next day technology

Recruitment ▏What kind of people can join the next day technology

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Recruitment ▏What kind of people can join the next day technology

Java Engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the design and implementation of the Internet of Things background system framework, code performance optimization and reconstruction.

2. Develop high-quality code according to specified requirements and company specifications.

3. Write corresponding technical documents, flow charts, class diagrams, etc.

4. Participate in the selection and implementation of the technical framework involved in the back-end development of the Internet of Things.


Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, software engineering, electronic information engineering, etc.

2. Familiar with the Java language, familiar with commonly used data structures and algorithms, and have good coding habits.

3. Familiar with common frameworks: SpringBoot, netty, Hibernate/mybatis and other open source frameworks.

4. Proficiency in using at least one relational database, MsSQL, MySQL, etc., with certain database design and optimization capabilities.

5. Have practical experience in at least one mainstream non-relational database, MongoDB/Cassandra/HBase.

6. Familiar with Hadoop, spark and other big data related technology stacks, with a lot of practical experience is preferred.

Points for experience below

1. Solid mathematical foundation, with practical experience in signal processing and machine learning algorithm implementation;

2. Have practical experience in deep learning in processing time series data, and be familiar with a deep learning framework Pytorch/Tensorflow/MXNet.

Hardware Test Engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the review of all stages of single-board development to identify problems early.

2. Carry out power supply test, reset, and signal integrity test of key device interface of products and single boards.

3. Confirm and locate the test problems, track and analyze the test situation, propose and solve the problems encountered in the test process.

4. Write hardware test plans and use cases, and output single product (or single board) test reports.

5. Promote and perform related equipment maintenance.


Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics, communication, automation, computer and other majors, graduated for more than 1 year.

2. Familiar with the theoretical knowledge of digital circuit and analog circuit technology, skilled in the use of schematic design, PCB design tools, and familiarity with the hardware principles of communication products.

3. Experience in wireless communication or wired/wireless network product testing is preferred.

4. Familiar with electrical related tests, proficient in the use of test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, power test equipment, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc.

5. Familiar with domestic or international hardware testing standards, familiar with product certification standards and processes.


Pre-sales technical support

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the bidding work of mine IoT industry and six major system industries in mines, and carry out related scheme design (business technical scheme, configuration scheme), bidding document design, on-site communication and answering questions, etc.

2. Define technical requirements according to customer needs, cooperate to complete solutions, write proposal proposals and system architecture design.

3. Introduce the company's system products, customer technical exchanges, solutions, technical agreements, and project tracking.

4. Daily affairs in pre-sales work and other related affairs arranged by leaders.


Job Requirements

1. Communication major, mining major.

2. Familiar with the basic process of bidding projects, have experience in the preparation of project bidding documents, and be able to independently complete the production of pre-sales plans and bidding documents.

3. Familiar with CAD, Photoshop, Edraw and other drawing software.

4. Proficient in using Office software, with certain writing skills.

5. Experience in construction and commissioning of security and communication engineering projects is preferred.

6. Good demand analysis ability and adaptability.

7. Need to adapt to short-term business trips across the country.

8. Accept arrangements at any time, with teamwork spirit.

9. Occasional overtime needs to be accommodated when the project is urgent.


UWB positioning algorithm engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Research on key issues of high-precision positioning algorithm, program design, and algorithm module development.

2. Design and implementation of UWB high-precision positioning algorithm in typical scenarios.    

3. Research and implementation of fusion positioning algorithm.      

4. Research and development of other innovative system algorithms.  


Job Requirements

1. More than one year of experience in the design and development of positioning algorithms (UWB/WIFI/Bluetooth), bachelor degree or above, major in inertial navigation, automation, electronics, computer and other related majors.       

2. Good programming ability, proficient in data structure, proficient in C++ programming, familiar with embedded programming and underlying programming design.     

3. Strong mathematical foundation and modeling ability, rigorous thinking, clear expression, and pursuit of excellence.       

4. Familiar with various filtering algorithms, commonly used wireless positioning algorithms and fusion positioning algorithms (UWB+IMU, WIFI+IMU, GPS+IMU) and basic machine learning algorithms are preferred.       

5. Work hard, pursue the ultimate, and be enthusiastic.


Hardware Engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Hardware research and development of positioning system and automatic control system.

2. Functional verification and driver writing.

3. Production and testing support.


Job Requirements

1. Recruit undergraduate graduates, majors in electronics, automation and other related majors.

More than 2.2 years of experience in hardware R&D.

3. Designed single chip microcomputer and its peripherals, such as network port, serial port, LCD, etc.

4. Have a deep understanding of communication principles and digital and analog circuits.

5. Proficiency in at least one circuit design/layout software.

6. Experience in RF debugging is preferred.


C# Software Developer

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the background application development (C/S) of desktop software and Windows service types based on the windows platform.

2. Independent code review and functional unit testing.

3. Cooperate with other systems for interface connection.

4. Write all kinds of documentation required in the software development process.


Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronics, mathematics, more than two years of development experience, and those with excellent ability can relax.

2. Proficient in C# language, .net framework, common data structures and algorithms, visual studio development environment, and master common refactoring and debugging methods.

3. Familiar with SQL syntax, SQLSERVER database development, and have a certain understanding of transaction mechanism.

4. Familiar with common design patterns (factory, bridge, adapter, observer, etc.), good object-oriented/interface programming ability, well-commented code, and strict and standardized style.

5. Familiar with C/S architecture, network programming (TCP, UDP), WPF/Winform development, multi-threading, multi-process development, and have a deep understanding of asynchronous and synchronous.

6. A certain C++ development ability is preferred.

7. Passionate about technology, good teamwork ability and learning ability.


Diagnostic algorithm engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the design of basic algorithm models such as industrial dynamic equipment condition monitoring, life prediction, and health evaluation.

2. Responsible for the design and construction of basic multi-source data algorithm models for industrial equipment and production lines.

3. Responsible for static, electrical, instrument monitoring algorithm research and basic model building.

4. Collaborative optimization, equipment life cycle management and other equipment intelligent operation and maintenance algorithm model development.


job requirements

1. Master's degree or above, major in science and engineering + machinery/mathematics/artificial intelligence/computer/statistics.

2. Have data mining and data analysis capabilities, have a deep understanding of the practical application of digital signal processing, machine learning algorithms, data statistics, etc., and be proficient in application and secondary development.

3. Strong coding ability, at least proficient in two or more of C/Python/Matlab.

4. Possess strong logical thinking ability, global thinking ability, and certain innovative imagination.

5. Be meticulous and patient in work, have strong learning ability, and have good communication and coordination skills.


C++ development engineer

Job Responsibilities

1. Understand the customer service industry business

2. Voice related product function development

3. Project-side problem analysis and solution


Job Responsibilities

1. Full-time undergraduate, majoring in computer science.

2. Familiar with Linux operating system.

3.2+ years experience in c/c++ background service or tool software development.


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